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Autumn / Winter 2018 / 2019

Collection " East meets West"

Lexxian London - “East meets West ” collection - it’s very much a nighttime mood, simple garments with opulent, contemporary materials and beadwork which adds richness and elegance to the looks.

The Lexxian London "East meets West " collection’s inspiration comes from the cities and places with mysterious, exotic, impeccable, international, cosmopolitan vibes. Elegant shapes, fitted silhouettes embrace the grace of the women and the black color adds a mysterious shade.

The Autumn / Winter 2018 – 2019 collection features a black, dark tones that are accented with shine, lurex threads, cream color mixed yarns which is more sophisticated.

Infusion-plain fabrics are mixed with high-end materials, luxurious fabrics. Fabrics are adorned with elegant designs that say much about everyday glamour. "East meets West" is a very refined story. It’s a dynamic between classic and modern.

The Last of us
The Last of us

A new type of luxury where simple plain materials are combined with luxury. Embellishments, decorative trims, yarns, beads, crystals and surface decorations will bring shine to garments and glam up your overall appearance.

It’s very much a story about tweeds, but a little more sophisticated. Tweeds surfaces with metallic accents and shimmer add a touch of luxury to these extraordinary winter looks.

Innovative chemical laces (contemporary fabrics) with some bead work on the top, play a big role this season and combo of fabrics like tweeds, chemical lace with beadwork, plain fabrics have renewed the styles.

The collection mood is all about simplicity mixed with "luxuriant richness” which demonstrates modern vibes with a touch of fine craftsmanship.

"East meets Weest" collection - simplicity mixed with richness !

Size Guide

UK USA EUR 6 2 34 8 4 36 10 6 38 12 8 40 14 10 42 16 12 44
BUST 31 (IN)78.5 (CM) 33 (IN)84 (CM) 35 (IN)89 (CM) 37 (IN)94 (CM) 39 (IN)99 (CM) 41 (IN)104 (CM)
WAIST 23 (IN)58.5 (CM) 25 (IN)63.5 (CM) 27 (IN)68.5 (CM) 29 (IN)73.5 (CM) 31 (IN)78.5 (CM) 33 (IN)83.5 (CM)
HIPS 33 (IN)84 (CM) 35 (IN)89 (CM) 37 (IN)94 (CM) 39 (IN)99 (CM) 41 (IN)104 (CM) 43 (IN)109 (CM)