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Autumn / Winter - 2019 / 2020 Collection


New, unknown perspectives, reflection of cultures, interaction between nature and culture are the main vibrations and inspirations for collection.

In this changing modern world which sometimes could be unpredictable we aim to offer something simple yet elegant that the carrier of the clothes would feel at ease, we aim to offer energy of protection and calmness for strong and feminine explorer.

The less is more concept plays significant rule. Elegant, subtle, asymmetrical, comfortable pieces feature clean, calm and attractive aesthetics. Simple design with significant spirit.

The Last of us
The Last of us

Our focus - to eliminate of the parts that are not necessary, and go deeply in order to show the essence of aesthetics.

Silhouettes are soft, mystical, elegant focuses on simplicity, comfort and cutted in gold, purple and black colour palette. Oversized styles with focus on softness, free - flowing drop- waist lines with a looser bodice that don't cling to the body, kimono sleeve, knots at the neckline which adds elegance, wrap-waist, drop-waist are the key aspects for collection.

Styles crafted from printed fabrics offer energy of protection while pieces from Velvet adds a sense of comfort.

“Journey” - Love knows no borders..

Size Guide

UK USA EUR 6 2 34 8 4 36 10 6 38 12 8 40 14 10 42 16 12 44
BUST 31 (IN)78.5 (CM) 33 (IN)84 (CM) 35 (IN)89 (CM) 37 (IN)94 (CM) 39 (IN)99 (CM) 41 (IN)104 (CM)
WAIST 23 (IN)58.5 (CM) 25 (IN)63.5 (CM) 27 (IN)68.5 (CM) 29 (IN)73.5 (CM) 31 (IN)78.5 (CM) 33 (IN)83.5 (CM)
HIPS 33 (IN)84 (CM) 35 (IN)89 (CM) 37 (IN)94 (CM) 39 (IN)99 (CM) 41 (IN)104 (CM) 43 (IN)109 (CM)