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Spring / Summer - 2020 Collection


"Reconnection" - modern yet timeless Embrace the beautiful world.. Blessings from nature..Love for nature.. Aesthetic: the inspiration behind our Capsule collection comes from nature.

Think of water, sea, rain, sky, sunrise, sunset, flowers. Collection prints in this story reference the aesthetic mood Collection styles are made out of printed fabrics which reflects our beautiful Nature.

Our aim is to bring you back to those vibes which you experience while being in nature and make you feel uplifted by wearing it.

The Last of us
The Last of us

Collection concept strives to show balance between natural surroundings and man made advancements.

A contemporary approach evolves through silhouettes. Smart, simple and glamour silhouettes features modern vibes Styles are cutted in blue, navy, green, purple colour palette.

Because in nature we feel free, relaxed and connected..

Size Guide

UK USA EUR 6 2 34 8 4 36 10 6 38 12 8 40 14 10 42 16 12 44
BUST 31 (IN)78.5 (CM) 33 (IN)84 (CM) 35 (IN)89 (CM) 37 (IN)94 (CM) 39 (IN)99 (CM) 41 (IN)104 (CM)
WAIST 23 (IN)58.5 (CM) 25 (IN)63.5 (CM) 27 (IN)68.5 (CM) 29 (IN)73.5 (CM) 31 (IN)78.5 (CM) 33 (IN)83.5 (CM)
HIPS 33 (IN)84 (CM) 35 (IN)89 (CM) 37 (IN)94 (CM) 39 (IN)99 (CM) 41 (IN)104 (CM) 43 (IN)109 (CM)